Travato Tip: How To Change The Oil On Travato Generator

Well, it’s been a week since purchased our Winnebago Travato 59K. We picked it up last Wednesday and then left the next day for a 5-day camping trip in Charlotte while we attended a few music concerts.

Our 5th wheel RV did not have a generator so it made leaving Maggie in the camper while we went off to have fun a little difficult. You had to be connected to power or it had to be a perfect temperature day. The Travato has a great small generator that will run everything on the coach, including the A/C. So as temps rose to the 105 range in the Charlotte area and we were out trying to see if we could set a new record for the most hours spent shopping while camping we ran the generator a lot. 26 hours worth of a lot.

The first service on the Onan generator should happen at 20 hours. We missed that by 6 hours but when we returned home it was my very first chore. Here’s the video of how that task went. I’d never, ever, changed the oil in a generator before. But thanks to the great folks on the Facebook group Travato Owners and Wannabees the steps were clearly documented and I was really happy with how the DIY task went.

Here’s the link to my first Travato Tip video:

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