Copperhead and Poison Ivy!


Lynn and I have lived in our home for 20 years. This last week we’ve had 2 things happen for the first time. Lynn thought it would be a good idea to pull weeds that turned out to be Poison Ivy. She ended up at the doctor last night to get a shot and medicine. I have been telling her I’d get rid of the weeds. Lesson learned when husband says he will do something he will. You don’t have to remind him every 3 months or so or resort to doing it yourself. I do hate that she is suffering because I kept putting off spraying the weeds. Sorry sweetie.


We have been on a trip with our granddaughters for the last week and got home before dusk last night. We always take Maggie for a walk and did that after the sun went down. Since we haven’t been here there were lots of leaves and limbs on the driveway. For the first time in 20 years we not only saw a copperhead but Lynn and Maggie didn’t see it and both walked right over it. The snake was confused because I was yelling at them both to move, move, move! Neither of them saw it and I was just lucky to see it coiling up to strike them and my yelling distracted it enough for Lynn to IHOP dance/jump away from it. Whew! Pictures here are of the dead snake and the driveway with leaves and debris on it. I have since tossed the snake and blown the driveway. I can’t tell you how many hundred of times we’ve walked up this driveway with Maggie and the granddaughters. It is when you become complacent and comfortable that things like this happen. We were very lucky. It was a big snake and it would have hurt Lynn badly and even worse for Maggie.

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