Catching Fish From A Remote Control Tugboat?

I think you’ll get a kick out of “virtually meeting” this interesting retired Marine I got to meet on a recent trip. Traveling around in our little Travato allows us to meet some unique and truly interesting people and we love it!

None more unique than Mr. Gary Savage, a retired Marine, who actually catches fish from a remote controlled RC Tugboat. How does he do it? I was lucky enough to meet him in Myrtle Beach while Lynn, Carrie and I were camping there for a few days. His joy and passion for his fishing hobby was one of the highlights of the trip and almost rivals our passion for our T’s 🙂

And when he broke out the “Fast Boat”… well let’s just say I might have to be saving a little money to replicate his setup. Not sure where I could store all this RC gear in the Travato though but it’d be fun to have with us for sure.

Thanks Gary for sharing your story through our channel and for making this old fisherman smile from ear to ear. Thank you for your service to our country… it was truly an honor to meet you. If you love his way of fishing as much as I do and find his joy and smile contagious, leave a comment on the video so he can “hear” it from you! Some of the most natural wonders we get to experience in our travels turns out to be the people we get to meet. Make sure you talk to people along your journey. Don’t be crazy risky about it… if you’re hearing banjo music in your head, well exit quickly. Otherwise, stop and talk to folks and listen to their story. You never know what national treasure is there for you to experience, even if it’s just a man from the south who catches fish from an RC Tugboat. 🙂

Catching Fish From A Remote Control Tugboat?

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