Travato FUN! Florida Sunshine, Tiny House Festival, Sailboats and FRIENDS!

What we learned on this leg of the journey is there are lots and lots of ways of being out there camping in nature. From buses to vans to tiny houses to tents and even sailboats. We all share one thing in common… a desire to live life to the fullest and maximize adventure every day, no matter where that adventure leads us.

With just the week before Thanksgiving to seek out warmer weather we pointed our Winnebago Travato 59K towards Florida for the second leg of this journey. We found great seafood at Skippers in Darien, GA and we found the coolest little RV park in St Marys, GA, A Big Wheel RV Park. We spent a night camping with lots of others who love this lifestyle at the Florida Tiny House Festival near St Augustine. And we met up with dear friends to spend some time in the sunshine on their sailboat in St Augustine, FL. We were able to help them provision for their trip south and were even serenaded at a great Mexican Restaurant. Oh yeah, we got to spend time with Nick of Travato Base Camp as well as Joe and Kait of We’re The Russos! We left 40-degree weather in Myrtle Beach and drove until the dash temperature reading on the van said it was 60. Luckily we didn’t have to drive too far. We are loving life in this little camper van and we’re appreciative of so many of you who join us on this journey.

Watch The Video:Travato FUN! Florida Sunshine, Tiny House Festival, Sailboats and FRIENDS!




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