Like A Kid In The Snow

Remember back when you were a child and that weatherman on that local channel said it was going to snow tonight? That meant no school, heck I’m not even going to do my homework… that’s how confident you were that tomorrow you’d be outside with a bread bag on your feet and hands trudging through the snow. Recently here in our little NC town the weatherman was saying very confidently IT IS GOING TO SNOW BIG TIME! Guess what, it did! As you may already know, Lynn and I stayed here in NC this winter season instead of heading down to sunny Florida. The reward for doing that? Many more fun times with our kids and grandkids, much more time with my mom and… our first really big snow in 10-15 years!

In this week’s accompanying video we make it from Saint Mary’s, GA up to Charleston, SC in our little Travato camper van. While in Charleston we got to experience another one of life’s fun childhood times, beautiful Christmas lights and displays. The James Island County Park was our home for the night and our site reservation also got our little van into to drive through their awesome light display. Seeing all those lights kind of reminded me of times my parents and grandparents would load us all in a car and drive through Christmas City a.k.a. Mcadenville, NC. While we loved the lights at the James Island County Park, we didn’t love our RV site all that much. We were lodged right between 2 5th Wheels with our window not more than 15 feet from their front door so we had no view from the back, front or either side of the van and it came with a cost of over $50 for the night! Whew! We had the option to dry camp in the overflow area for $20 and we should have done that instead. We could have parked in a remote place that actually had a view and was quiet and secluded. Next time. 🙂

Then, speaking of childhood memories, we loaded up the van on Thanksgiving day and headed to what is now becoming known as simply, Mom’s. Until my dad passed away two years ago it was always Mom and Dad’s.

And that leaves us full circle back to our SNOW STORM OF THE CENTURY. Not sure it was the storm of the century but Lynn and I cannot remember even having it snow an inch an hour and just keep snowing. All total, we ended up with 21 inches of snow in some parts of our yard. With all that snow, Maggie our sweet little adopted pup, was “dragging her transmission” after a few hours of it accumulating. She happily hopped in and out of the snow and chased squirrels until she couldn’t walk. One thing to note… the squirrels would come to the bird feeder because they were hungry. Maggie would give them a few minutes on the feeder and then bolt after them. She came closer to catching them in the snow than ever before and that made her even happier.

Lynn, Maggie and I hope you enjoy this week’s video as much as we have enjoyed watching it many times already.


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