Rainbow At Cemetery While Visiting… Wow!

I can’t believe it’s been two years since my dad passed away. It seems like yesterday and seems like a lifetime ago. It has been especially difficult on my mom. Christmas was always their favorite time of the year. That Christmas everyone was still numb. Last year we were just sad but tried to do what we’d always done and got together at mom and dad’s, which was now beginning to be known as mom’s. Anyone who’s gone through this knows it is just so hard in so many ways.

Yesterday we had our 3rd Christmas party together since my dad’s passing. There was more laughter and love as we all try to come to terms with the emptiness. My mom, I fear, will never come to terms with the emptiness. The emptiness at the table, in the “chair” and in the bed. Is it possible for a house to be full of people but still be empty?

After the party we all took a ride to visit dad’s grave site. As we heard mom talking to dad saying, “We got together again today honey to do the party. Everyone missed you but we got through it”… just then this beautiful rainbow appeared. It started right over my mom and dad’s home (I promise… right over their home) and ended beautifully over the gardens that my dad cared for and loved. At one point the rainbow turned into a beautiful double rainbow. We all just stood in awe and looked. It was then that Lynn said, “Do you believe that our loved ones in heaven can send us a sign that everything’s OK, don’t worry? “. My mom’s smile said what her words could not. And with that, the tears in my mom’s eyes dried. As Way and I tried to get a photo to remember the beauty of it all, the hugs started happening. Lynn, Mom and Patricia hugged and stared at the rainbow arm in arm. About that time my sister, Teresa, called and said, “Do you SEEEEE that rainbow”? We all laughed and loved together and of all the gifts given and received yesterday it was by far the greatest gift of all.

So was that my dad saying everything is OK? I don’t know for sure… I want to believe that. It surely was a HUGE coincidence if it was not. Either way that rainbow was a gift that brought a smile to my mom’s face, touched her heart and gave her peace. If that was really you yesterday Dad, thank you!… she needed that… we all needed that. You are missed and loved Dad.


  1. Cat says:

    Beautiful. I believe in rainbows. I do believe they deliver messages. I’m so glad your mom found some peace in the one you saw. It is so hard for those who have lost someone and then deal with holidays. I lost my only sibling on Dec. 19th. Holidays have been meaningless since. That was 37 yrs ago. It sounds like you have a wonderful family who will bring joy back to your lives. Dad’ll make sure of it💐


    1. So sorry to hear about your loss. Years don’t always cure that hurt and pain. Thanks for your sweet comments.


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