Notice Anything Different? We Changed Our Name

So did you notice our new name? Since our lifestyle has changed a lot since we bagan our venture as Travel and Fishing Adventures we decided a name change was in order. So after careful consideration of many, many names we landed on a name that better reflects our interests and how we travel. We still love to fish, well Owen does, and we still love to go on “Adventures” as our granddaughter calls them. But for us, this traveling in our van has become more of a trek to remote locations and those locations are a big reason we love this “lifestyle”. So we combined all those words that describe us into…. VAN TREKKING lifestyle. Do you like the name? We hope so. Other than the name, nothing else is really changing.

We still have our YouTube channel and those video episodes that are released each Wednesday and Sunday can be found HERE. If you are already subscribed there under the old name you still be subscribed to the new one and you should continue to get notifications when we upload new content.

Lynn, Maggie and I really appreciate each of you who are connected to us during our trekking adventures.


  1. Diane Malin says:

    Hi Lynn & Owen
    My husband & I have been watching your trips in the Travato. We recently took a long trip in our 34’ class C & realized its too big. Looked at the 59G today, my only concern is size of refrigerator. So small, how do you manage? Thnx! Diane


    1. Hi Diane. So sorry it has taken so long to reply. The fridge is a good and bad thing. Size wise it works for about 3-4 days of items needed. Being so low on the K that’s an issue but we deal with it. Being a compressor fridge that just works all the time beats any issue for us. Hope this helps.


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