Where In The Crap Did My Winter Fur Go?

I feel for those who have to survive in the coldest of climates. I mean the deep freeze, below zero climates. We must have lost our tolerance for cold weather after snow birding for the last 6 years. Up until this year when the frost comes calling we have headed south. Not this year… until now. Why, you may ask… well, family. A wedding. The birth of a grandson. Lots of reasons, but we chose to stay in this little mountain town to be with family. And with our multi-month trip planned for Alaska this summer and fall we felt we should stick around home until now and not be gone all the time. But now, it’s time to spread our wings and fly… south! Fast. There’s another snow storm heading our way this weekend and we don’t want to go through another one… one major snowstorm is enough don’t you think?

But Sunday was beautiful! I mean BEAUTIFUL! So, instead of working on our chores related to flying south we packed up the van and headed to Lake Norman near Charlotte for a day of hiking around the lake. The temps go into the low 60s which is great for this area in January. The hike was refreshing and beautiful as we walked the Lake Shore trail around, well, the lake shore. That beautiful weather gave us an itch for the weather we’re now accustomed to in winter… Florida warm sunshine weather.

So, we are heading south. It’s good for us and it’s good for the blog and video channel. Why? Because there’s just so much you can do that’s fun and interesting when it’s 10 degrees and windy or snowing outside. Well, unless you’re into snowy weather activities and since we have determined that we have somehow lost our tolerance for cold weather, those activities just don’t appeal to us any longer. We long for days on the beach, nights out strolling, great food, great friends and fishing… not freaking brim and bluegill fishing… but fishing where you might catch something 20 or more pounds or you might catch something that would be just as happy trying to eat you instead.

So, here’s the last hiking video from NC for a while. It’s a good one that very nicely portrays the beauty that is all around Lake Norman. And Maggie absolutely loves being around a lake… I mean loves it! We hope you enjoy it. If you haven’t subscribed to our channel, please take a moment and do that.

Here’s the YouTube Video:

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