Florida Welcomes Us!

This week we learned that camping at Fort Clinch State park In Fernandina Beach is about as good as it gets.  Our Travato 59K was perfect for this fun stay at Florida’s #1 rated state park.  While there we visited the fort to learn more about Fort Clinch’s history, we took a trip over to visit Amelia Island and we saw some epic sunsets and sites.  We have learned that we absolutely love everything there is to do with van life as a retired couple.  There’s so much to see in Florida!

From walks on the beach to days sitting beside the river it is such a peaceful, perfect place. Once again we had a great dinner at Shuckers but this time we were the only ones sitting outside and we had their spectacular view of a perfect Florida sunset all to ourselves. There’s a lot that’s good there but we always get the peel & eat shrimp and it is by far the best we have ever had.

We took a little side trip over to explore the old part of Amelia Island and were not disappointed by the scenery, the shopping or the food. Great place. Parking is a little tight there for a camper van but we found a 3-hour spot that worked out and 3 hours was just enough time for us.

We got back to our campground in Fort Clinch State Park just in time to sit by the river and watch one of the most amazing sunsets we’ve seen. It was made even better by boats driving through the reflection, birds flying through the reflection and cue the dolphin… (a line from one of my favorite movies)… cue the dolphin… a dolphin actually came up and down in the reflection as he swam by. Such a WOW! moment.

This time we actually took the time to pay a visit to the fort itself and man that was such a treat. We didn’t have a very long time, just one hour to visit the fort, ride our bikes back and pack and check out… but we made it work.

Our verdict? If you get a chance to visit Fort Clinch State Park in Fernandina Beach, Florida we think you should. The campground is very difficult to get a reservation in so you have to be lucky like we were or book many months in advance. But, we promise… you’ll be glad you did.

Here’s the full episode;


  1. Great post 😁


    1. Thank you for connecting with us and reading.


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