Verizon’s New Prepaid Unlimited Hotspot… Is It Working For A Van Life Couple?

When you live out of your van on the road it makes life so much better when you can reliably connect to the internet. That’s why we were so happy to buy a Verizon MIFI 8810L and try out their new Prepaid Unlimited plan. We’ve been doing that for a month now and have found it to be really good when it works. Every now and then the devices get kicked off, a known issue, but other than that it has truly been unlimited and unthrottled. A make-me-happy thing for this connected couple living in a Travato 59K van.

In this video we show you not only how we make use of the unlimited plan and the hotspot, we also show you how all that is made better with a Wilson WeBoost and the cherry on top is connecting the 2018 Roku Premier Streaming Stick to it and setting the resolution to 720p… almost like being at home.

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