Turn Left or Turn Right? We Are So Indecisive!

We are Lynn, Owen and Maggie and we are having a blast living in a TRAVATO camper van, traveling around the country exploring new and old places. This week started out with us in Fernandina Beach asking the ultimate question that pops up when you have no destination in mind… Which way should I turn? Left or Right? Tampa or Miami? All along we had thought maybe we’d like to just meander down to Key West taking in as much of Florida as we could. But, somehow we convinced ourselves that heading over to Tampa to be part of the Tampa RV Super Show was a good idea. So after I turned in our camping pass we had a decision to make right then… turn right and head towards Tampa or keep heading down the coast.

We turned right. RV Super Show here we come. Not so fast. Thirty minutes into the drive and Google Maps has routed us many miles north of Orlando due to accidents. So much north in fact that we were rolling past Gainesville, FL and a place another camper had told us we should visit, Payne’s Prairie State Preserve. So we stopped in and although the ranger, who was so nice to us and to Maggie, told us they were full but said we could stay in overflow parking. Well, as Lynn said, that beats the crap out of Walmart and that’s what we did.

The next morning we were at the RV Super Show and ready for a fun day. The day started out just right for us as we met up with Dave, Irene and Pistol of Cary On Vagabonds. After spending some time with them we headed out into the heat to see what we could see. A few hours of that and we were back in the van discussing the RVs and people we’d seen and met so far. Then it was off to a Winnebago Travato meetup where we were so happy to meet so many online friends face to face. Later Winnebago fed the 70+ Travato owners to a pizza dinner around a circle of fellow T owners. We went to bed glad we had made the trek over to Tampa.

The next morning we were up early heading to St Petersburg to spend the day with longtime friends. By dark we were driving back towards Orlando looking for a Cracker Barrel to pull in, eat and spend the night and realizing how very much we missed our dear friends in St Pete. Our Cracker Barrel turned out to be the one right beside the Daytona Speedway and it was from there that we watched and filmed the January 21, 2019 lunar eclipse, blood red moon. Wow! It was a spectacular way to end a great weekend. We slept like babies, well except for the diapers and the waking up every 2 hours to nurse part. Thanks for being part of our journey as we trek down the coast of Florida searching for adventure, fun and friends… not necessarily in that order.

The video for this episode:

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