Hundreds Of Manatees, Hiking, Biking and the Search For Armadillos | Living In A Travato | Episode 7

In episode 7 of our “No Reservations Florida Tour” we luck into seeing hundreds of manatees at Blue Spring State Park in Orange City, Florida. Known as the winter home of the manatee, this natural spring whose constant temperature of 74 degrees draws in hundreds, maybe thousands of manatees each winter. This winter, with the colder than usual temperatures, the numbers of manatees visiting have been staggering. And we just lucked in to it. We thought we were heading to another town to do a 2-night dry camping stay at a Cracker Barrel. But the park had openings so we decided to spend those 2 nights right there exploring the park and spending time with these beautiful, gentle creatures.

We also explored on bikes and went for an awesome hike on one of the 9-mile trails that had us searching for an armadillo. While hiking out a couple told us about seeing them so of course Lynn had to keep walking until we finally saw one.

What we learned? The best things happen when you are open to changing your plans and flexible enough to be OK with what rolls your way. What rolled our way this time was just about the most surreal setting with the manatees and just about the funniest thing ever with the armadillo. We are so grateful our channel continues to grow and so many of you are finding information and entertainment in these crazy adventures. We can remember being excited when we got to our first 100 subscribers. By the time this video is released we will probably be over 1,500 subscribers. Wow! All we can say is THANK YOU! We are so happy you are along for the journey with us.

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