Oldest Florida Campground and Newest Travato Friends

Have you heard the saying, birds of a feather flock together? When you feather is a Winnebago Travato camper van then it seems you flock to the same campgrounds, seeking out the same experiences. That’s what happened when we visited Florida’s oldest campground, the Highlands Hammock Campground near Sebring, Florida.

We pulled in to set up and right in front of us was a Travato… Gary Varner’s Travato to be specific. Right across the street from his was another one… Susan Pell’s Travato. Wow! Then we learned from them that Marilyn and Ann both had their Travato camper vans parked at this little campground too. 5 Travato camper vans in one park. Wow! That must be what was meant by birds of a feather flock together. What a great time we all had visiting and talking about everything from traveling, camping, eating and of course our favorite topic, Travato modifications.

As if it could only get better, our friends we’d made at our last Travato gathering, Art and Luann, came by one morning to knock on our door with donuts. We gathered up everyone else and we had a little Travato breakfast around our picnic table, right next to the Coach Whip snake that we’d seen several times, but luckily it was too much noise for him so he did not make an appearance. It is always a surprise and blessing to get to meet up with folks that know us as we travel. To be there with 5 vans all sharing stories together was just the pure definition of Travato family.

As usual we took the bikes off to ride and learned that the biking trails at Highlands Hammock are superb. One trail lead us to the Cyprus Swamp boardwalk hike, where we saw our first of many Florida alligators in the wild. If you are in or near this park this hike along this raised boardwalk trail is something you have to put on your list. The reflections of the trees, birds, alligators and sky off the black water plays tricks on your eyes. Like us, you’ll find yourself wondering where the reflection ends and actual object begins… it all kind of melts into a 360-degree picture that immerses you into nature, a place where we love to be immersed as you’ll see in this episode that features this awesome hike.

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