Sometimes You Just Gotta Pretend You Have 4WD

You know there are times in life when you’re traveling in your front-wheel-drive camper van that you just have to pretend you have 4WD… because you just can’t pass up seeing that awesome thing that’s just beyond reach of your van. That’s what we were faced with as we were driving around the dam that keeps the water in Lake Okechobee. You could see the water every now and then but most of the time we just couldn’t see the water. Until… we drove up on the earthen dam to get a better view and that’s when we saw it.

First it was the view of the water that just went on and on like an ocean, in fact it’s been called the inland ocean. Then we saw that there was a way to drive down to the water… almost straight down… but there was a way to do it… so we just pretended we had 4WD and made a left turn. It was, in this case, a great decision. We made it down and back up again and the view from the edge of the water was well worth the risk of maybe having to call AAA if we did get stuck.

With those beautiful views still fresh on our minds we headed out to Dupuis Land Management Family Campground to Boondock for a week. It turned out to be a great experience. It was hot during that week but all in all we saw very little difference being unplugged in our Travato compared to being completely plugged in. Would we do it again? You bet! Maybe not at Dupuis but then again it was 10 miles away from that awesome lake and had hiking trails, horses and sunsets that could blow your mind. It was more crowded than we had envisioned Boondocking would be… you know out there in a desert with no one around for miles but you and the view of nature. At Dupuis that’s not the case… well not during the busy winter season. It is a very crowded campground for sure. It’s free in the middle of Florida during a time when most of the country is freezing so, well folks flock to it. Our neighbors were awesome to get to know and were very nice and considerate. We did our best to document that in our latest video, which you can view here:

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