Our Bucket List Trip To The Everglades

It Was On Our Bucket List – Like everyone else we have a bucket list… you know the list you keep of the places you really, really, really want to go one day. Well, the Everglades National Park has been on that list for us and even though we’ve spent the last six winters in Florida we have never even come close to visiting that awesome area… that is until this trip.

It Is A Huge Park – We pulled in to the park and headed for the visitors center for a quick stop, hoping to see our first Everglades alligator. Nope! No worries. We then drove the 39 miles, that’s right 39 miles, from the entrance to our campsite. About 10 miles in our Verizon cellphone signal bit the dust. No worries we thought… as we get closer it will come back. NOPE! Three nights without cell phone coverage out in the middle of, well… the Everglades.

You Build Up Everything Sparky – Nothing really prepares you for how you’ll feel when you step out into the Everglades for the first time. Like Sparky in the movie Christmas Vacation I believe I had built it up to 6-year-old Christmas morning levels. Those kinds of levels are hard to live up to. The Everglades came close though. We did not see as much wildlife as we had hoped to see but then again the bugs were not as bad as we had been told to expect either. Bike rides along the blue water, walks beside sailboats and manatees at the marina and even a pontoon boat ride where we saw exactly one alligator, lots of birds and caught 2 or 3 snook. Yep! It was a great 3-night trip to the Everglades and one that we will remember as a highlight of our 2019 Florida adventure in our Winnebago Travato 59K van.

Watch The Video Here:


  1. peggypopourfrench says:

    Thanks for the wonderful video. I enjoy your travels.


    1. Thank you very much for the kind comment.


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