TRAVATO Moulding Fell Off! | Our Mistake | EASY CHEAP FIX!

So our molding trim piece between the passenger door and the sliding door just fell off. Well, it didn’t just fall off on it’s on… it had a little help. We left a water bottle on the running board and closed the door the night before, you know the kind of closed the door you have to do with the Travato… hard. The bottle was caught between the sliding door and the passenger door. We looked and thought the only damage was the dent in the water bottle. The next morning when we got in the van to run an errand the molding between the two doors fell off to the ground. It had taken the brunt of the force and the little clips that hold it in place were broken. We went online to find those little clips were available at Winnebago but we had two problems. We were not near any dealer to get the part from a service department and second they wanted your first born for the 4 little clips… purchase and shipping well over $35 for 4 plastic clips.

So off to Advance Auto we went in search of a molding clip that could be a good substitute. And we found one after a little trial and error. Part number 963217D was just $3.99 for 4 clips and they worked perfectly. So if your moulding loose for any reason this little tip could save you a lot of money and the frustration of getting something shipped to you or finding a dealer. We haven’t taken the other pieces off to confirm but it’s logical that all the decorative molding around the van uses this same clip, just a lot more of them. In a pinch… improvise… worked great and saved us a lot of hassle and money! Win!

Watch the video:

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