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As you travel up the Gulf side of Florida there’s a lot to love. The beaches, the food, the weather… wow, the list goes on and on and on. Our first stop after leaving Mary’s Fish Camp was Homosassa, Florida where we ate lunch right on the water while observing the cute monkeys on Monkey Island.

Cedar Key:

Then it was off to spend 3 nights at Shell Mound Campground in Cedar Key, FL. What a gem of a small campground. You pull in, find an open spot and go pay the very nice attendant $20 per night you plan to stay. Each site has water and 50amp power and there’s a free dump site as well. The campground provided the backdrop for some of the most amazing sunsets we’ve experienced.

There’s so much to do and love in this little quant drinking town with a clamming problem. They are known for their fresh as it gets clams and seafood and we found their claim to be true. We went out to eat twice during our 3-night stay and both times we went to Steamers on the water. The first night was so good we went back again on our last night!

You will find the town to be like many say old Florida towns used to be. Old, unique buildings full of local shops that range from marine supplies to handmade jewelry. Maggie was welcome in almost all of the stores we visited. On the “Go-Back” scale of 1-5 it is a 5!

Area: Cedar Key, Florida

Campground: Shell Mound Campground ($20 per night waterfront)

Lessons Learned: Natives’s resourceful use of shell life created food, tools, shelter and lodging

Fun Fact: We loved eating at Steamers Restaurant so much that we went back a second time! Best clam chowder ever for us, best coconut shrimp ever too!


  1. Joe says:

    Looks like an awesome spot thanks for sharing


    1. Hey Joe. Hey that should be a song :-). Thanks for letting us know. Yes it was a great spot and better small coastal town.


  2. Joyce McCollum says:

    I know what your saying. We lived in Homosassa for many years. Did you eat at the Freezer? Cedar Key is very nice. Been there many times. Will go back again soon. The ride out to the Key is beautiful too with the road almost at water level. We rented a Pontoon boat several years ago, we really enjoyed it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Joyce. Glad you enjoyed it like we did. A pontoon boat would be fun. We did that in the Everglades and really loved it. No on the Freezer but added it to our list.


  3. vavet96 says:

    Great video and blog post! Added to our must see list.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. We added it to our “Go Back Anytime We Re Close” list. 🙂


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