Did The 13 Kids Beside Us Ruin Our Visit To Suwannee River?

Watch the YouTube Video:

What campsite you get is really just the luck of the draw. You may end up beside of someone who plays music outside just so his dogs inside don’t bark all the time. Or you may end up beside the guy who just lets his dogs bark 24 hours a day. Or… you could end up beside a tent full of kids… playing stupid loud games… all day long! That’s what happened to us at Suwannee River State Park.

This stop at what we thought was going to be a peaceful stay at the Suwannee River had the chance to be terrible. Our site was pretty cramped but that was OK. But when a family with what seemed like 13 kids set up a tent in the site beside of us things got… well.. noisy. Even still we made the most of it. Our Travato 59K camper van has a loud air conditioner and we used that and the awesome hikes to drown out the noise and never once had to say “Get Off My Dirt”. Now, there was a day when Owen would have been “that old man”. You know the one. Grumpy, ill, gruff get-off-my-grass old man! Especially when they proceeded to setup games on their picnic table and decided since we were inside, hiding from all the noise, they could just use our picnic table too, even though it was inches from our bug room! But instead of being “that grumpy old man” or “that cranky old lady” we turned it into something else. You see, we take our grandchildren camping all the time and we always want the experience to be one that makes them want to get out in nature even more. So, we did our best to make those 13 kids, who has 13 kids anymore anyway but that’s another question… we hiked with them and talked to them and did our best to be the opposite of grumpy with them. And hopefully our attitude about their loud fun helped make it a great camping experience. But, I’ve got to say, we’ve never loved our super loud air conditioner more than we did on this night.

The river… well the river was just awesome! Flowing water with lots of hiking and wildlife. And the wild Day Lillies were in bloom! What’s not to like?

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