Holy Crap! That’s A Big Spider!

Watch The YouTube Video:

So what is up with all the big spiders we keep running in to? This time while we were… wait.. let me back up and tell you how we got here. After spending one night at Suwannee River State Park in a tight spot beside of a bunch of loud kids, we were excited to pull into Ochlanockee River State Park to find that we had the most private and best spot in the park! Yeah!

We got setup quickly and went out for a hike… nothing new for us. After a mile or so Maggie was hot and panting so we took her back to the A/C coolness of the van and set out to go for a longer hike. Along the way we found lots to look at, including huge pine cones. So Lynn proceeds to pick one up and hold it out to show me how “pretty” it is. It’s about that time that I hear her say “OH CRAP! SPIDER!” and she throws the pine cone down. The huge brown spider crawls out of his little pine cone house and just looks at us. Freaks us out… especially Lynn. She had that thing in her hand and it’s a wonder she didn’t get bitten.

Oh yeah… and white (albino) squirrels. Who knew that was really a thing. The park ranger told us about them… you see we always talk to the ranger at every park we arrive at if it’s possible… just to get the inside information and any safety precautions, and we suggest that you do the same thing because you would be surprised at what you can learn from talking with someone who loves their job and lives their job in the outdoors like that. So anyway, the albino squirrels… we saw them. White as a snow. Pretty cool too. After seeing the spider we counted those as our reward for hiking.

This was one of the most quiet and peaceful parks we visited while in Florida. Granted it is literally out in the middle of nowhere but it was perfect for us and just what we needed after our last very noisy campsite the night before. I guess they all can’t be perfect but this one was for sure!

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