When You Travel Do You Ever SMELL THE BARN? —— We do and this is the moment that we did!

Watch The YouTube Video:

Ask anyone who has ridden a horse and they’ll tell you the horse gets a boost of energy when you make that turn to head towards the barn. The old timers call it smelling the barn. When you are a nomad traveling in a camper van but still have a home and nearby family you can get to “smelling the barn” after a long trip away from home. That’s what happened to us while we were in Pensacola, Florida.

We had planned to stay in Florida for another 3 weeks and just meander back home. But, a conversation with each of our granddaughters set the wheels in motion to get back home… now! So that’s what you’ll see on this video. An old couple trying to decide if we should rush home or stay out a few more weeks. In the end, grandchildren and those pains of missing your family win out for us every time… so we made a quick stop in Destin, FL to meet up with fellow Travato owners and drove… and drove… and drove… our longest driving day in the Winnebago Travato yet. We made it all the way back to Anderson, SC that first day and then after a fun stop at Tony’s Ice Cream in Gastonia, NC we made it back to our sticks and bricks home in North Wilkesboro, NC. Happy to be home… happy to be with family again… happy to have real internet connectivity again… and well…. just happy.

For those of you who watched every one of our 2019 Florida Adventure videos we are so grateful. We never felt alone while we were out here traveling. We always felt so connected to so many of you who were following along as we learned what living in a little van was like for a not-so-young couple like us. And speaking of family, many of you have become our family as well. In fact I’m betting we chat or talk with some of you more than our real family and we just feel so lucky to have you be part of our journeys. The support you give us is never, ever taken for granted and is much, much appreciated.

Until the next journey begins, in just a few short weeks, we leave you with the visual image of “Smelling The Barn”. That feeling of just needing to be home right now for some unknown reason. When you get that feeling we urge you to give in to it and head back to that place that you call home. Whether it’s just where you grew up and you park your van or RV in a family member’s driveway or you still have a home that houses all your prized memories and possessions. Each of these will eventually call you… tap you on the shoulder… and get you to “smelling the barn”. We say find that burst of energy that gives you and drive, drive, drive like we did. You can always head back out again when the feeling subsides… just like we’re getting ready to do now.

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  1. Joyce McCollum says:

    Just wanted to say Welcome Home!


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