Kite Surfing Paradise! A Dead Shark and A Graveyard = Travato Trip to NC Outer Banks – Ep4: Rodanthe

As you meander up the coast of NC’s Outer Banks you’ll find many quaint little villages that have popped up over the years. One such village is the one known for it’s kite surfing in the sound, Rodanthe.

We had a site right on the bay, literally right on the water, where we could watch the sunset each night spend a large part of each day mesmerized by those out on the water kite surfing. If you’re not familiar with kite surfing it is a sport that is exactly what it sounds like would be, a person is pulled across the water while steer a huge sail kite and combines lots of skills most of us only dream of having. It was fun to watch the beginners who were content to just get up on the water and move a few feet before being dosed again only to get up and try it again hoping to one day be like the experts. The experts came in a few levels. One level is content to just buzz back and forth as fast as they can letting the 20-25mph wind carry them a mile or two and then they do a 180 and head back the other way. There’s also the expert group who don’t travel distances but you’ll see them imitating birds and dolphins as they take to the air with any little wave that comes up.

So mostly in Rodanthe that’s what we did. We sat there at our waterfront camping spot and watched in awe as all three levels of kite surfers took advantage of the protected waters of the bay that was free of boats because the water never got above waist deep at any point and it was free of kayaks and canoes because of the constant wind they’d be fighting.

Throw in a visit to a civil war graveyard where slaves who fled slavery and ended up working at the island’s life saving station were buried, a visit to the beach where we saw a huge shark that had just washed in and was beached and lots of quaint, fun shops to visit… and well you’ll see what it was a laid back, just our kind of place to visit place.

Watch the video:

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