What Can You Do In One Day In Outer Banks? Let’s Find Out! | Travato Trip to NC OBX – Ep7

We wrap up our adventure to NC’s Outer Banks by trying to stuff as much site seeing as humanly possible, at least humanly possible by us at our age, into one last day before we head back inland. It turns out as much as we had explored during our 5 nights on the island we still had a pretty long list of things we wanted to see. That included Bodie Lighthouse, Jockey’s Ridge, Pea Island for shelling and Nags Head Woods Preserve for a hike.

So off we drove from our great little campsite in the Oregon Inlet National Park campground to see as much as we could. First stop… well, we could see it from our campsite so that one was easy… Bodie Lighthouse. Man, we enjoyed this old lighthouse that was full of history. In fact it is the only lighthouse we’ve ever visited that limits how many can be on one flight at a time, one person and how many can visit the lighthouse in one day. Why? Because it still has the original staircase. Most other lighthouses have had improved/safer staircases installed after they became more of a tourist destination but Bodie, pronounced BODY like your BODY, still has the original spiral staircase that keepers climbed many times per day since it was erected. Those stairs are not attached to the wall of the lighthouse and you can actually feel the whole staircase moving a little as you climb, a very unnerving kind of feeling at first. The view at the top is well worth the climb though… we could see home for these 5 nights from the top of the lighthouse… stunning!

There must be a rule or something but if you come to NC’s OBX you must visit Jockey’s Ridge, the largest moving/shifting non-beach-bound sand dunes in the US. We found it to be not as hot as others had suggested it would be but it was a workout to climb to the very top of the highest dune where we could watch a hang gliding class learning to fly and land.

Not far from the saltwater of the coast is a nature preserve that resembles more of a jungle than a coastal hike, known as Nags Head Woods Preserve. The main trail was flooded and we could not hike it so we chose instead to hike the Roanoke trail which took us out and back 1.5 miles to a white sand view of the sound through the actual sound of spring peepers, birds and insects. Something for all your senses to marvel at.

Then we decided we had had enough… we were out of daylight and energy and we skipped Pea Island and headed back to our campsite to batten down the hatches and prepare to leave the following morning for places further inland as we neared to end of yet another awesome adventure trip in our Winnebago Travato van.

Watch the video:

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