We Discuss The Travato MODS We Made For Our Outer Banks Trip | Liked vs. Not Liked | OBX EP.8

As we were traveling around Florida in our Winnebago Travato 59K we made a list of MODs or modifications we wanted to make before we left for another trip.  We showed most of those mods in this video, https://youtu.be/Aj9zeaU_3xs, watch it if you have not done so already.  In this video we share with you our thoughts about how these modifications have really worked out for us… did we love, like or hate them.  

Freezer Pool Noodle: So did you know you can keep your 59K refrigerator from freezing the things in the bottom section by just adding a pool noodle?  We didn’t either until we found this mod and this one was a LOVE IT mod.  It really worked.  Not one frozen egg or water bottle in the bottom section and the freezer did not build up ice around the sides.  A great mod for sure and simple.  We just bought a grey piece of pipe insulation from Lowe’s and cut it to size and that was it. 

Microwave Removal Storage Area: Do you keep stuff in your microwave and use it more as a storage area than you do a microwave.  Well, we did and we decided we could use the extra storage more than the microwave so took it out and replaced it with a cabinet we built and in doing so doubled the storage in that area.  Did we like it? YES!

Over The Door Closet Shelf For Shoes and Stuff: We first saw the over the door shelf in Gary Varner’s van and loved it.  After some searching for the parts and a little bit of work with a hacksaw we made this simple mod. Verdict? We LOVE it!

Bungee Pocket Storage:  Many of you may already have this mod in place and you may like it, but the version of these bungee storage containers that we bought just will not stick to the walls under the bed.  And, it’s a pain in the butt, more like pain in the back and knees, to get things in and out of these so… we HATE this mod and would not recommend it.

Shower in our 59K First Time:  Have you taken your first shower in your 59K yet?  Until this trip we had not and geez do we feel stupid for waiting so long.  It is a piece of cake to put the curtain up and the convenience gained from showering in your own van is immeasurable.  We LOVE it!

Extra Sewer Hose Storage On Black Tank:  We bought an adjustable 4” sewer hose storage tube from Amazon and thought it would add a great space in between the bikes on the bike rack to store the two rugs.  Well, the big rug would not roll up tight enough to store in there and if it did it would be such a pain to roll that thing that tight every time we packed up that we would not use it.  The door entry rug does fit and that’s pretty nice.  But having it on the bike rack makes putting the bikes on a lot harder for the amount of extra storage it gives so the verdict?  We Kinda-Like it… but won’t be leaving this one on as we head to Alaska or in future trips.

Thule Storage On Top: You’ve seen it up there… that big brown or black bag or now the Thule. Many of you ask if it helps and if it hurts our driving and MPG.  Well, of all the mods we have done to our Travato this has to be our favorite. We keep a ton of stuff up there and it stays safe and dry and it does not seem to impact the MPG or the driving experience much at all.

During the last part of this episode we discuss with you how we did planning this 3-week trip to the OBX.  What we liked and what we wish we’d done differently.  And we celebrate our 4-legged fur baby Maggie’s 6th Birthday!  Happy Birthday Maggie!

Watch the video:

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