Retired Couple Survives The Dalton Highway

Why would a retired couple in a 2WD van tackle driving all the way to the end of “THE” Dalton Highway in Alaska? The answer is not that simple. But we think it boils down to a few things.

1) It was a huge challenge! Only 1% of those who visit Alaska go further north than Fairbanks and of those only 10% of that 1% go to Coldfoot (half way to the end of the Dalton) and only 1% of the 1% go all the way to the end and see the industrial town of Deadhorse. We love challenges. So off we went.

2) We came to Alaska to go as far north as you could possibly go… so that meant traveling the famous highway that was featured on TV shows like Ice Road Truckers, The Most Dangerous Jobs In America and The Most Dangerous Roads In The World. Crazy, right?

3) We wanted to see beautiful scenery and wildlife that can’t be seen anywhere else. So beautiful scenery? CHECK! Wildlife? Not so much but we did see the one species we hoped we’d see that can only be viewed in the true north, the Musk Ox. What we learned is those trucks that fly up and down that road actually scare off the animals we were trying find and take pictures of. BUMMER! But we did get some great shots and the last 2 minutes of this video has some pretty cool captures.

4) We wanted to meet the people who choose to live and work in this remote area of the world. That was the real jewel and if you’ve been following us for very long you know that’s a pretty constant theme. We love meeting new folks and getting to know their stories.

So, would we recommend you tackle this very dangerous and treacherous stretch of highway? Well, it depends. You see we traveled with another Winnebago Travato owner and that company provided a degree of safety so if you can caravan we say do it. If not, make sure you have extra gas, extra spare tires and don’t mind replacing your windshield and maybe a few dental fillings when you get back.

Watch the episode here:

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  1. linda says:

    Beautiful video……wonderful


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