Ask Anyone About Alaska And They’ll Tell You The People Are The Best Part

Ask anyone and they’ll tell you… the people of Alaska, those who live here, are the best part of Alaska. You can just feel their love of summer… you can just tell that they know it is only a few months and you have to make the most of every day, every weekend and every hour. We think it’s rubbing off on us because we feel the same way more and more now. There’s not a day that we don’t wake up excited about just being here… the smells… the sights… and most importantly… the people.

This episode might seem to be a lot about nothing… a hodgepodge of miscellaneous activities and fun. But, really that’s what being in Alaska is anyway. It’s waking up and not knowing what fun it going to present itself that day… it’s not knowing where you’re going to sleep that night and just smiling because you know it will most likely be even better than where you stayed last night. That kind of day to day hodgepodge of living can be addicting to us NC folks. We’ve come to love this way of life and the people of Alaska who celebrate every day that the sun shines and the temperature is above 50.

So, if you have a chance to visit or migrate to Alaska we would say go for it! Get off your couch… heck, burn your couch… and just get out and enjoy the world you’re in. Don’t wait until you get to an epic spot like Alaska to make memories of your lifetime. Just Do It!

Watch the episode here:

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