You’ve seen a sheep dog, but have you ever seen a dog sheep? It seems we’re always finding interesting things to see and remember in beautiful Alaska. We left our little home by the rivers to experience Hatcher’s Pass with our friends Jim and Cynthia of @Wings And Wheels Alaska.

The beauty was apparent when we first stopped to take in the sounds and sights of the raging river coming off the melting glaciers some 2,000 above us. The drive up was as stunning as any we’ve experienced and took us to the Independence Mine State Preservation Park, where we learned much more than we’d ever known about this very successful Alaska gold mining operation.

We left there and continued up to the summit, which is 3,886 feet above sea level, to the lake that is accurately named, Summit Lake. Even though it was cold and rainy the dogs took a dip in the lake and climbed even higher than us on neighboring peaks. You could see forever and the air… the air was so crystal clear and pure. Alaska is truly the last frontier. Everywhere you look you see beauty… in nature, in the scenery and most importantly in her people. We love it here!

Our take aways from creating and watching this video were:

⁃ It is sad to part ways with friends… miss you Nick

⁃ Sometimes when you part ways with friends they show up again soon… love you Jim and Cynthia

⁃ If Jim and Cynthia had not shown us this we might have missed it… thank you guys!

⁃ We could still learn the history from the fallen buildings even though 80 years old and still see the beauty in it even though it was falling down all around us

⁃ Some people love sheep dogs and some love sheep and some love both… neat to see a sheep on a leash… we’ll remember that one forever

⁃ The irony of two sheep dogs walking on leashes with a sheep on a leash was, well, ironic and made us do an old-fashioned Laugh Out Loud


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