The PURE beauty of the Glenn Highway and the Richardson Highway and… VALDEZ!

The longest stretch of freeway in Alaska and is the main highway to get to Anchorage. We’ll take this highway to the Richardson Highway which will end in our destination toady of Valdez.

In this episode we take leave our perfect little boondocking spot on the Matanuska River outside of Palmer, Alaska and start on our way to Valdez, Alaska. Along the way we began seeing the Matanuska Glacier and stopped to take a hike there and see our first up close view of an Alaskan glacier. Then we hopped on the Richardson Highway and found ourselves amazed at the views of the Chugach Mountains and the Alaska Range. After all the jaw dropping beauty of the glaciers and mountains along the way we just had to laugh when as we neared Valdez we were presented with two of the most spectacular waterfalls we’ve seen, Bridal Veil Falls and Horse Tail Falls.

All this driving put us into Valdez, Alaska around 9:00pm so we found a cool little stealth camping spot in the marina, grabbed a little dinner and walked around the beautiful little harbor town.

The last scenic sequence of the Valdez has one of my songs as the background music. Here’s the link to that song, where you can download it for free or leave a little coffee money if you’d like. (As many of you know I used to make my living writing, recording and performing music but now we are just out here, off our couches, loving exploring everywhere we can go in our vans… so a tip is not necessary… just enjoy the music if that’s your thing).

Water Does That To A Man

By Owen Poteat


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