RVing Alaska – VALDEZ! Our favorite so far! What’s yours?

After just a few days of being there Valdez, Alaska quickly became our favorite stop on this Alaskan journey in our Travato van. Why?

Well, within 8 miles of town you can see bears and moose and more salmon than you thought would be possible in one spot.  Drive a little further up the Richardson Highway and you can hike up to the top of Worthington Glacier.  And then there’s the quaint little harbor town, full of people like us who came here only to find they hated to leave or just refused to do so and admitted they had found home.  Were it not for our family back in the Carolinas this would likely be our new home.  Crazy?  Maybe so but the sounds and the smells of this harbor town just made our souls smile like none other.  And the people here are truly amazing… easy to get along with like you’d expect a bunch of fishermen to be, savvy business men and women who make enough to live off of during the 4-5 months of non-winter days here when folks actually visit.  And there are interesting local stores for shopping and a few really good restaurants to keep your belly full and happy.  Who could ask for more?  And oh yeah… the rabbits.

Maggie quickly started referring to Valdez as “Rabbit Town”.  For a reason unknown to us there are 100s and 100s of domesticated rabbits roaming the streets of Valdez… and Maggie loves to chase rabbits… at home in NC and now here in Valdez.  And chase rabbits she did… 10-20 times per day… and even in her sleep. Many times we would watch her as she slept in the van… growling and running in her sleep… and you could just tell she was chasing one of those rabbits.  If she got a vote then she’d vote to chase rabbits here every day… but then again, she’s never experienced winters here so we bet she would change her mind… we probably would too. 

So whether it’s rabbits that you chase, or halibut fish, or salmon or just the pure beauty of being surrounded by miles and miles of glaciers making their own way to the ocean, we think you’ll love Valdez, Alaska as much as we did! If you get the chance to go there one day and find our for yourself and let us know if you agree.

Oh yeah… at the end of this video is part of one song I sang at a local open mic. 🙂


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