A long gravel, washboard riddled road through a mountain to a great town… McCarthy!

So you’d think we would have had enough of gravel, washboard, pothole roads, right?  After the Dalton and the Top Of The World Highway we thought we’d seen it all.  Nope!  The McCarthy Highway, which takes you out to the bridge where you can walk a mile to the quaint cool town, is probably the worst road we’ve been on in 2019!  The worst!  Why?  Well, one couple blew two tires on the same pothole.  And the washboard road is almost non-stop with grooves big enough to had a set of golf clubs in… easily.  They rattle your dishes… they rattle your windows… and they just about rattle your fillings out in your mouth if you have them.

But… once you get to the end of this treacherous road you get to walk a mile to a town that takes you back in time to an era when things were much, much simpler.  Like when horses wouldn’t mind all the washboards kind of simple.  A town where dogs are not only encouraged to be in town they are not allowed to be on a leash.  You read that right.  You cannot have your dog on a leash in town.  They call it free range kids and dogs and it is really cool and you can bet, Maggie LOVED it!


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  1. Karin jones says:

    I think you would love the slow feel and quaintness of Mexico. The food and stays will be cheap. Stay in fenced area campsites on Ioverlander – seem easy to fine. Watch “ don’t stop Belezing ” van life channel for ideas. They were so scared to go but found themselves very comfortable. They did learn some Spanish and that definitely help them out. Well now you have something to study and keep you busy until the new year. Really enjoy your show. Very close to getting a Travato.


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