Camping With Eagles! – RVing Alaska In Travato Van

Haven’t you always wanted to fly??… like an eagle?  Well, after camping right on the edge of a huge cliff over top of the Copper River watching eagles laughing and playing as they flew by time after time we’ve got to say that we sure wanted to be able to fly.  But, what a great place to spend the night!!! 

How did we find this spot?  Same as almost all of our boondocking spots in Alaska… the iOverlander app. It’s our go-to way of finding cool, unique places to spend the night out dry camping / boondocking in our little Travato 59K van.  That van is perfectly suited for these kind of 1-3 night stints in these remote places.  This place was a bit of a test to get down to the exact spot… in fact Lynn had to closely watch the rear end of the van was we went down one steep hill to make sure we didn’t drag as we got to the spot!  We didn’t and the rest is history… what a great, great spot and precious memories that will last a lifetime.  

After a great night’s rest at the literal edge of a cliff we headed to Palmer, Alaska to spend a few nights the quaint little Paradise RV Resort washing clothes, the van and ourselves and preparing for the upcoming visit with our granddaughter, Carrie, who was flying in to Anchorage in a few days.  


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