Can 3 Live In A Travato Van For 2 Weeks?

So when we downsized to our Travato van from a 31’ 5th Wheel we knew it was going to be really hard to have our grandchildren come and stay with us on the road.  In fact, we had just had to make ourselves OK with the fact that when they wanted to visit us on the road we’d have to get a hotel.

So when Carrie’s mom changed her mind and decided we could fly Carrie to Alaska to spend 15 days with us here we decided we would try to make the little van work.  Both of our beds have gel toppers on them so we had the great idea that we could just put one of these on the floor near the front of the van and she could sleep in the “hallway” area.  Wow!  How easy!  And it worked like a charm.  Our granddaughter was comfortable and slept well each night.  The driver’s side bed has a seatbelt and our granddaughter actually enjoyed the time driving as she’d just ride immersed in reading her book… she actually read nearly 20 books while with us.

So, it can be done.  It’s tight and there’s a lot of excuse me… and hey I’ll just sit at the picnic table while you guys get dressed and ready… but it worked.  And what a blessing to get to be part of this special time in our granddaughter’s life as she saw her first glacier, her first midnight sun in Alaska and well, just the splendor of Alaska!  She loved it and we’re sure the tight quarters of the van were made better by the smiles she had on her face many, many times each day!


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