Held Hostage In Denali At Teklanika Campground! At least it felt that way!

Wouldn’t you know it… our granddaughter visits with us in Alaska and it rains on us for the first time!  But, we made the most of it!

With just a few days left in Alaska, Carrie decided that she wanted to at least try to get to see Denali so we set out for Denali Nation Park and Preserve.  Along the way we stopped for breakfast at The Moose Is Loose bakery in Saldotna.  We then checked in for our 3-night reservation in Teklanika Campground inside of Denali, only to find out that, as Carrie put it, we were held hostage… meaning we could not leave the remote area of the park.  And, of course, for the first time since we’ve been in Alaska it rained… and rained… and rained.  We sure tested the limits of how long 3 people could stay cooped up in a Travato 59K van. We made the most of it and found enough of a break in the rain to take Carrie to the Denali Sled Dog demonstration, which she loved!


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