DENALI IN THE RAIN… IN A VAN… 3 OF US! How can it be so much fun????


With just a few days left to explore Alaska on her two-week trip to visit with us, her grandparents, Carrie decides she wants to try to do it all in Alaska before leaving.  She actually decides that she has to at least try to see Denali… so off we go back to Denali.  

You see we had already been to and through Denali but since it was such a tourist trap we blew threw pretty quickly.  But not with our granddaughter.  We even booked the Tundra Wilderness Tour bus ride… an 8-hour ride on curvy, bumpy, remote roads… in the rain… through mud slides and rock slides… on what is essentially a school bus!  

So we hated it, right?  Wrong!  We loved it.  Our bus driver was more of a tour guide, pointing out wildlife, scenery and facts about the park that no amount of research could have taught us.  We saw all kinds of wildlife multiple times, even getting a glimpse at a rare Lynx.  

After all the fun, even though it was raining buckets the entire time, it was time to meander towards Anchorage so Carrie could board her plane to head back to NC.  Along the way we took in a great hike at Bird Falls. After spending the night in our Travato van in the Anchorage Cabala’s parking lot we got up at 4am to get her on her plane.  Two weeks with her here in Alaska with us flew by and we soon found ourselves in a quiet, somewhat lonely, van again.


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