Idaho RV Camping – Owen and Lynn visit Idaho’s Beautiful Priest Lake In Our Travato 59K

We finally made it through Canada and crossed over into the lower 48 with good intentions on turning left towards our NC home. But instead, we turned right…

That’s right… we turned RIGHT! Instead of heading back to NC we decided we were just too close to the west coast to miss out on seeing for ourselves just how beautiful the coast of Washington and Oregon really are. But first, we had to drive though and check out the beautiful state of Idaho. Who knew Idaho was so beautiful? We did not know Idaho was such a beautiful outdoor paradise but man this was one pristine and beautiful part of our country. So for those of you not wanting our Alaska journey to end, guess what??? It will not. There will be another month of traveling to the most beautiful places and we’ll do our best to show you just how each of these epic places made us feel.

To see how beautiful this Idaho paradise was just watch the video:

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