Shortest Beach, Oldest Tree and Most Unique Tree… Loving The Oregon Coast!

It was just another day in the life of visiting the PNW in a Travato. We continued down the Pacific Northwest seeing the shortest lighthouse, the oldest tree, the most unique tree and the shortest beach. Smiling all the time at the beauty of it!

In this episode we take off further south down Highway 101 in Oregon. Our first stop is at Cape Meares Light, where we not only got to see up close the smallest lighthouse but we also got to see the biggest and oldest Sitka Spruce and the famous Octopus Tree. If you know us and know Lynn then you know she loves trees… so this was a major big event for her. We left there and traveled just a few miles down the coast and stopped at Short Beach, where waterfalls drop fresh water into the Pacific Ocean at high tide. And… Lynn spent some time searching for agates on a beach that is world famous for them.

We are so glad you found us and watched the video. Keep in mind, we’re not pros at this. We are just two people traveling the country in a little Travato van and sharing what we find, experience and learn with you. Our friendships we’ve made through these videos and channel are the real treasure and we truly appreciate each of you who leaves comments and reaches out to us. Keep connecting with us! See you down the road soon we hope. Until then… Happy Tails!

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