Our Last Trip For A While… Natchez Trace Parkway

If you’re going to drive home it might as well be on a parkway, right?

LA via Omaha?

Remember that verse in the song?… Like going to LA via Omaha? Well that was our trip home from Florida this year. With COVID-19 already changing our plans to travel further south in Florida we decided to listen to the advice of our friends, John and Sharon Rudolph, and take the Natchez Trace Parkway home. That meant we’d need to head over Natchez, Mississippi and take the 444 beautiful parkway miles all the way up to Nashville, TN.

All we can say is… WHAT A TRIP! We did it in two full days of driving. We stopped at the Jeff Busby Park at MM193. It has 18 dry camping spots that have a view, picnic table, fire ring, paved parking… and it’s free!

Lots of emotions took over us as we traveled. It’s natural to compare the Natchez Trace Parkway to the Blue Ridge Parkway near our NC home. The Blue Ridge Parkway has tons of mountain vistas with views to die for. The Natchez Trace Parkway has a few of those, but more and more historically significant stops.

Even though we had plenty of smiling, laughing moments we had one very emotional moment. It happened when we stopped at the slavery graveyard. Just being there where slaves were buried without even providing headstones for those who lived and died as slaves on the plantation. It makes you just sick to think about it. Slaves… how could our country have this heritage to look back on. All we can say is we are so glad things are better in our country these days. Things still are not the way they should be. There are still many, many racially sad people and attitudes happening in our land. The color of one’s skin still seems to influence people’s opinion of you… no matter what the color of your skin. So… better than it was? Yes! Are we there yet? No way!

Here are a few of our favorite photos from this trip:

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