Stop Looking For The Answers And You’ll Find… What You’ve Got!

A few of you here are “living the dream!”… full-time on the road in your van and loving it! Us… well, we have a home and a van and there are times when those two things conflict with each other.

If you’re full-time in your van do you miss having a sticks-and-bricks home? If you have a home do you long for the day when you can sell it and go full-time? So many questions and it’s easy to get bogged down and not see the happiness right in front of you.

You see life is so full of choices. When you travel, but not travel full-time, then you have to live somewhere else too… right? In our case, as with the majority of RVer’s, we have a sticks and bricks home. One that has been our home, and the home of our family, for many decades. Neither of us is ready to hit the road full-time and permanently leave our home… even though usually when we’re out traveling we’re miles and miles away from issues and worries. Why? Because well… it’s HOME! Not just to us, but to our children and grandchildren. There’s a door in our kitchen that says it all… it has all the height measurements of everyone at different ages and is one of our most treasured possessions. So… when you have a home you have responsibilities and CHORES! This week we tackle a remodel project that has needed to be done for a few years now… remodeling our upstairs hallway and staircase. What a messy, tiring job but as you’ll see, we knocked it out of the park. Our reward? A great day trip to the mountains for a date night where we hiked in Blowing Rock, NC and found a place for a sunset picnic on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Sometimes in life you have to choose between Bucket-list or Honey-do-list… This week we did both… and we learned when you stop looking for all the answers you find… what you’ve got!

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