Camping In OH HI YO!

On the SHORES of Lake Erie… this is an awesome campground!

Sometimes it’s sad to leave friends but when you both lead a nomadic, travel all the time lifestyle then it has to happen. So after sad goodbyes in Iowa we set out for our next gotta-be-there destination in Ohio. But with about a week to spare we decided to head to the banks of Lake Erie in hopes of finding a great campsite. And boy did we!

Maumee Bay State Park had everything we were looking for. Level campsites with lots of privacy. Lots of trails inside the campground and even more inside the park. Beaches, lakes, a lodge, a great restaurant and even a golf course. What else could you ask for? So we settled in for what we thought would be 2 nights but ended up extending our stay by days. We hiked, we made a few changes to our Ekko, we met up with another Ekko owner, we griddled great steaks and we rested.

What started out as sad hearts were quickly transformed into rested and happy hearts. That’s the power of finding a great campsite. BTW, we’re loving the Ekko. We’re finding we’re not as weary while we’re traveling. The layout just fits our lifestyle better than our Revel did. We know the Revel is perfect for a lot of folks but for us it was always a challenge to make it fit our trips perfectly. There’s enough to worry about when you’re trying to create beautiful, perfect experiences while traveling… adding that worry to it was tiring for us. Now… now… well we’re doing a HAPPY DANCE! BTW, there’s one of those in this video too.

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