When your Limo is an RV is it cool to show up at a wedding in it??

Our limo to our nephew’s wedding was our RV… our Winnebago EKKO. Boy did folks look at us when we showed up in an RV… but were they looks of “man, look at those idiots”… or looks of “wow!, they brought their house with them”??

Well if you know us then you know we didn’t care which of those emotions happened. We were on a trip in our RV that included so far Wisconsin, Iowa and now we found ourselves in Ohio… so going home for a more “respectable” form of transportation was out of the question.

You see that’s one of the great things about having a smaller Motorhome that thinks she’s a van… you can park anywhere… even a wedding venue. Granted the venue was an Ohio State Park (Lake Hope State Park) and granted it was an informal event… but to us it would not have mattered one bit. We did get dressed up for the event and it was a precious time in our lives as we watched our nephew marrying the love of his life. Surrounded by family and just steps away from our cool home-on-wheels… well it was just perfect. Many times one of us would walk out and let Maggie out for a walk… or grab a quick rest… or change into shorts since everyone else had on shorts… It just worked out great. It was hot so it was great to have a place to spend a little time cooling off.

Not only did we show up at the wedding in the RV, we also camped there. We booked 3 nights there thinking it would be a great campground and it would be awesome to spend time with our family. Well, those two things didn’t work out. The campground was just… ok. Very small sites, right on the road and very unlevel with little privacy. So when most of the family was ducking out early Sunday morning we decided to cut our stay in Ohio short and head… east back home? Nope.. back west… where we came from. Iowa.

Our RV has just a little time left on her warranty, since we bought her lightly used. So with the blind spot detection issues along with alternator and window blind issues we had several things that could be repaired under warranty. But getting in to see a dealer was going to mean waiting for months. Instead we pointed our home on wheels back west to the Winnebago factory. But this week is all about the wedding… the memories and family.

There’s just something about seeing your family so happy. And something about having your home with you when you go. Granted, you feel a little funny pulling up in an RV… kinda like cousin Eddie at the Griswold home, but she’s not really that big and it all went perfectly… even had folks looking in and asking about it and envious of our home at that wedding.

So if anyone asks you “Is it cool to show up at a wedding in an RV?”… tell then YES!! IT WAS!

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