Our eBikes and Our EKKO Garage… !

Even though the garage in the Winnebago EKKO is big… for an RV garage… it’s still small. Meaning, if you put larger items in there, like Rad Mini Step-thru eBikes… well, there’s not much room for anything else.

We’ve made several long and short trips now with our Ekko, but we’ve yet to take any “toys”.,. No bikes… no inflatable paddle boards… none of that. But we want to. So we finally took everything out of the garage and tried to devise a plan for taking our bikes and maybe Oru kayaks and the griddle… and chairs… and a room… You get the picture quickly… if you put the bikes inside you have to selectively choose what else goes with you.

It was a lot of work to unload everything. It was a lot of work to put the bikes and try to make everything fit. But it was time well spent. You see we have to make a decision about what can go with us and what must stay behind. So it takes a little trial and error and a little sweat on a hot day to load, unload, load and unload… trying different configurations.

We’ve met many who take their bikes with them inside the Ekko garage and we could too. But we place such a premium on things being easy and organized and simple to use that putting the bikes inside, when we can easily put them outside just makes getting to everything else inside the garage more difficult than it needs to be. And… it severely limits what you can take inside the garage since the bikes are just big and bulky.


  1. Annette says:

    At least you have great access from all directions!


    1. I know. It’s an awesome setup and being able to reach everything easily helps with keeping the back from hurting due to trying to crawl in a small space and lift something heavy. Still tricky but a good situation.


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