2,000 Mile Detour For Winnebago Factory Service

We drove 2,000 miles out of the way to head back to Iowa so we could get our Winnebago Ekko repaired at the Winnebago Factory Service Center. So how was it?

First of all it’s apparent that they are truly the experts. Every skill. Every part. And every procedure to perfectly repair your Winnebago… no matter what your Big W is on. For us it was our new Ekko. She need some pretty major things done. Probably the most important was getting our blind spot detection/warning system to work again. We also had several window blinds that needed repair and/or replacement.

And after our experience there we will never, ever, never go to a dealer for service again! Why? It wasn’t just the fast and thorough work done… it was the experience and the people behind the big W. It was the feeling about being in the right place with the right people. From our first entrance into the service office area until we drove away 3 days later with everything repaired it was just the best.

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