Hey Winnebago!… We Need To Talk!

While we were at Winnebago’s Factory Service Center to have a little work completed on our Ekko we had the privilege to get to interview Brian and Stefanie. They are largely responsible for many of the day to day things that impact our enjoyment of our Ekko and other coaches like the Navion and Minnie Winnie C’s.

We came loaded with lots of questions. Like why aren’t you building more faster? What’s the hold up? Why have there been so many issues with this new design? And what’s next? Because of corporate policies some of these questions were answered “off camera” or not at all. But what we were able to learn from our conversation with them we’ve shared with you here in hopes that you’ll get a better glimpse of who is behind your beloved Winnebago small RV, whether like us you’re out there in it and maybe having a few issues or you’re at home dreaming getting the call that it’s ready to pick up at the dealer.

Stefanie and Brian of Winnebago

By the way, it needs to be said. We are NOT Winnebago ambassadors or affiliates. We were not paid to create this video. But after meeting these guys and seeing firsthand how they care about those of us who seek experiences in these RVs we are more brand loyal now that we’ve ever been. And, we have a little bit better understanding about what goes into designing, building and supporting one of these creations of rolling adventure.

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