The Day We Sold Our Revel Brought On So Many Emotions and Memories

The day we announced we had purchased the Revel we got so many different responses. Are you crazy? What are you thinking? Way to go! I could never do that! I wish I could do that! To be truthful we’d said them all to each other as we struggled with wanting to be more adventurous in our travels and thinking a 4×4 smaller van would help with that goal.

Well… it did. A lot! You know how you look back on pictures from 10 or 20 years ago and see everything you missed when you were in the middle of those times. Preparing our Revel for sale and creating this tribute of all the places we went in our Revel over the last 2 years made us feel all those emotions.

But we’d made a decision and that’s how we roll so we listed our van on RVTrader and waited for the “right” buyer. They finally showed up and we quickly agreed on a deal and part of that deal was us picking them up at the airport so they could fly in to take her back to Michigan.

This is the story of that morning. All the raw emotions and frustrations. And it’s the story of looking back on our first day with our Revel and all the highlights of the more adventurous travel life she helped us achieve. Oh the places we’ve been able to see with our own little eyes this past 2 years. It’s been our privilege to share those highs and lows with you through our channel. In a way, for many of you at least, this will be a sad then happy video as we sell something that’s part of your life each week for a short period of time. For many of you you’ll watch the second part of this videos with smiles and tears too… thinking I remember that. Or man I’ve been there! Or I hope to go there one day. Even I’ll never get to go there but I’m glad I got to go with Lynn and Owen.

There will also be those who watch who say “I told you so!”. What a mistake. They never should have done it. To you I’d say listen to the last line of the episode and know that our 4×4 small van was our way of going out and finding it.

No matter which of these groups you fall in we are forever grateful that you watch and connect with us. Your encouragement keeps us going. Your doubts and warnings keep us grounded. Your love for the 3 of us gives us purpose. Thank you for that!

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