Riding Out A Tropical Storm In Ekko

Seems we constantly find ourselves in different situations. We’re used to rain while traveling. Heck, we’re used to tornadoes while traveling. But a tropical storm… in the mountains of Georgia… in November?… nope!!.. not used to that at all.

This late hurricane, Nicole, slammed into the east coast of Florida and then after rolling out to the Gulf, turned right and headed north and east. We’d been watching it for days, as everyone on the east coast was, and for a while it looked like it was going to miss us at our campsite this week, Vogel State Park. But that was not to be.

On our last day at this remote park the rains and winds started. It was not as bad as predicted but the rain and wind was something to worry about for sure. We were camped under some pretty big trees and to be honest we thought of just moving to the visitors center’s parking lot to ride out the storm but chose to just stay put.

But staying put in a small RV in a place with no cell phone or LTE coverage… well, that’s tricky for sure. The day before the storm we drove out in search of LTE… might be the story of our retired lives, but that’s another story. We used that data to download several movies on Netflix and Hulu, we did one last check of the storms location and path and did one more thing. We cancelled our reservation at Stone Mountain in Atlanta and added additional days on the southern border of Georgia instead. No sense just sitting in the rain for days so we thought we’d take advantage of the fact that the storm had blown out all the clouds and rain near Florida and head that direction instead. Planning is really important when you’re traveling in an RV… but being flexible and creative when you’re planning may be even more important.

So as the storm rained down on us, literally, we hunkered down in our little Ekko and… watched movies… read… edited videos… and even napped. We woke the next morning to lots of rain still, a few downed limbs, some rushing water in the stream that luckily did not flood and most importantly… no damage!

In our video about staying at Vogel we show a little of this while also trying to make the most of this beautiful park and area.

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