Our Story

Thanks for joining us as we travel in zig zag lines around this round world! We’ll do our best to document the memories, fish and dreams we catch.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

About Us

We are Owen and Lynn Poteat. 25 years ago we caught the traveling and camping bug really badly. We started out in a tent, for one fun but fretful trip, and that led to our first RV purchase, a 19 foot toy hauler. Now 25 years and 8 RVs later we’ve traveled in just about everything, from a Class A to a 15-foot retro trailer to our current method of zigzagging the world, our Winnebago EKKO rv/van/B+/who-cares. Now in our mid-60s we find ourselves ducking in and out of Cracker Barrels, state parks, national parks and campgrounds in our 8th RV, appropriately named “Ocho”.

We are glad you’re here and hope you reach out to us to share your journey with us. If you haven’t already done so, take a few minutes and subscribe to our YouTube channel, VAN TREKKING lifestyle.

How We Met

Having been friends for 30 years the paths of our hearts crossed a little over 25 years ago and we haven’t looked back. You have to be very close to someone to be happy being so very close to them in any RV, especially one the size of the EKKO. We learned a long time ago that love is not finding someone you can live with but finding that special someone you cannot live without. Luckily for us we both feel the same way. We’re best friends and soul mates traveling around living out our dreams hand in hand. Yes, it sounds corny and maybe it is. But that’s us… in a nutshell.. a 23-foot adventure-RV nutshell.

How 2 Became 3… How Maggie Adopted Us

8 years ago our very special Border Collie, Jake, passed away from kidney failure. We were in Florida. It tore a hole in us. It hurt more than anything in life should hurt. So we swore we’d wait a long time before allowing another dog to be that close to us. A long time ended up being 2 months. While hiking near North Wilkesboro we were startled by a mangy, flea and tick covered dog with what appeared to be just one eye. It was Maggie. She followed us for a little over a mile and we agreed that if she would get in the car with us we’d take her to the vet to get her back to her owners.

A $250 vet bill and 2 hours later she was riding home with her owners… us. Just like that all the fears of having our hearts broken again faded away and Maggie chiseled her way permanently into the hole that Jake had left. Jake was an awesome 4-legged son. And Maggie is an awesome 4-legged daughter. They are different in so many ways but both are so very smart and loyal and loving. Now after 8 years Lynn and I cannot imagine life without our furry travel companion. She makes things more difficult at times but everyday she loves us more than the day before and makes each day better and better.

Now and What’s Next

We can’t predict the future but one thing is for certain. We will continue to travel. We have a bucket list like most folks who travel and we hope to check them off one by one. Our travel habits are changing. Gone, for now, are the days of hunkering in one location for 4-5 months and totally immersing ourselves into living in that area. Our goal now is to take our time but not stay in one place for an extended period of time. So more miles and less nights in the same area. We’ve also become pretty proficient boondocking and national forests and dirt road adventures.

What we can predict is that we will do those things together hand in hand with Maggie between us or right beside us. We will cherish opportunities and friendships and deeply love and care for family when those times are available. We will hike. We will bike. We will fish. We will spend time on the water. We will continue to be better at all the “ING” things in our life… loving, caring, RVing, fishing, paddling, swimming, eating, hiking and visiting. You see, most of the things in life that mean the most end with ING. As James McMurtry says, “The best things in life happen when you are moving”. See another ING thing.