How To Wash A Travato With Just 1/2 Gallon Of Water

As we have continued down the east coast of Florida in our Travato we’ve noticed that many places don’t allow you to actually wash your van.  Once we tried to use an actual car wash to spray it off but we were afraid the brush would scratch the finish.  So what did we do?  We used a product called No Rinse and only 1/2 gallon of water to wash the entire van, including the tires and wheels.  

So if you are like us and find that you really need to wash your van but you’re in a national park, well this is THE answer.  It does a great job and in the video we actually broke out into a “my hiny’s clean” dance!  We bet you will too.

Here’s a link to the product we use:  

Optimum (NR2010Q) No Rinse Wash & Shine – 32 oz.

Here’s the video:

Verizon’s New Prepaid Unlimited Hotspot… Is It Working For A Van Life Couple?

When you live out of your van on the road it makes life so much better when you can reliably connect to the internet. That’s why we were so happy to buy a Verizon MIFI 8810L and try out their new Prepaid Unlimited plan. We’ve been doing that for a month now and have found it to be really good when it works. Every now and then the devices get kicked off, a known issue, but other than that it has truly been unlimited and unthrottled. A make-me-happy thing for this connected couple living in a Travato 59K van.

In this video we show you not only how we make use of the unlimited plan and the hotspot, we also show you how all that is made better with a Wilson WeBoost and the cherry on top is connecting the 2018 Roku Premier Streaming Stick to it and setting the resolution to 720p… almost like being at home.

Fiamma 200DJ Bike Rack For Our Travato

Looking back we wish we had made sure our 2019 Winnabego Travato 59K had a factory installed bike rack on it. But although it had a ladder and roof rack on it it did not have the bike rack.

We have taken our bikes a few times and have always wished for the real bike rack. We have hung the bikes from the ladder and although that worked ok it was awkward to put them on and they actually hung over the side of the van making the van wider than necessary. We also had a nice two bike carrier that fit in the receiver hitch of the van. It worked great except it made it impossible to get the back door open without taking the rack off. And it made the van 23 1/2 feet long instead of 21 feet. That extra length made it harder to find parking and after getting used to being able to park anywhere we decided we did not want to have bikes over being more nimble and shorter.

So after a lot of thought and research we decided the Fiamma 200DJ rack for the Promaster was the best choice for us. It allows us to use the door as usual and is really safe and secure and stable with the bikes on it. It adds another foot to the van length but that length is up high so you can still park in one parking spot as long as it has clearance in front and we back in to the site.

This bike rack has many things we really like. It was relatively easy to assemble and took us about 2 hours… but only because we installed one of the support arms on the left side instead of the right side and had to take it apart and put it back together. It attaches to the rear door without having to a drill any holes. That was huge for us and allows us to take the bike rack with us when/if we change vans.

Here’s the link to the item we purchased:

Panther RV Products was great to deal with. It was a great price and it shipped the same day we ordered it. And it was packaged in a wooden crate that protected it perfectly.

If you want to watch our installation process here’s the link to our video: