Salmon Glacier… WOW!

Goodbye Alaska… for now! Salmon Glacier Was The Icing On Our Alaska Adventure Cake! As we are heading back to the lower 48 we get one more magnificent glimpse at Alaska in Hyder. And Salmon Glacier turned out to be one of the most stunning, magnificent sites we’ve ever seen… even if we did see it through tears in our eyes!

As we continue our trek back to the lower 48 from our trip of a lifetime in Alaska we get to explore the beauty all along the Cassiar Highway. We think you’ll agree that we saved the best for last! Glaciers are something we haven’t really seen that much until our trip to Alaska. We’d heard from friends that Salmon Glacier was the most stunning to see from land and all we can say is WOW! Salmon Glacier was an experience we will never, ever, never forget. Top that off with the salmon at Bear Creek and getting to watch a big black bear standing up to eat leaves right in the town of Hyder. Hard to top that experience for sure!


Best Drive During Alaska RV Trip?

There are lots of roads to travel on while visiting Alaska where the driving part of the trip is almost as impressive the destination itself. A few of these roads come to mind. First of all the Alaska Highway. We took this road all the way to Dawson City and it did not disappoint. In fact even though we saw a ton of wildlife while recently traveling down the Cassiar Stewart Highway, we saw many many times more wildlife while on the Alaska Highway. Why? Maybe because it was spring… who knows… but man we saw everything under the sun… all the bucket list wildlife you dream of when making this epic trip to Alaska.

Then there’s the Dalton Highway. We did that one too. Probably wouldn’t do it again but for a one time is enough trip I guess it’s a good one. The thing about the Dalton is it’s huge challenge it presents. Only a few gas stations. Total isolation and remoteness. And the road is just crap!!! Potholes would be one thing… there are millions of those… but couple that with the trucks passing every 10-15 minutes throwing rocks at your windshield (even though they don’t mean to). Then there’s the draw of making it past the Artic Circle all the way to the Artic Ocean. To be honest, it’s not as big a deal as it sounds like. Once you pass Adigun Pass it becomes what is known as the Northern Slope which is geography speak for flat, flat, flat barren land. So you see… one time was enough.

Then there’s the McCarthy Highway out to McCarthy. Awesome! It leads out to one of the most unique towns in Alaska and takes you across one of the highest, oldest, scariest bridges in the world. Even though it is a washboard infested road we’d do this one again for sure.

So the point of this BLOG? We had heard great things about the Stewart Cassiar Highway (better know as simply the Cassiar Highway)… so we knew it was going to be a memorable part of our journey. What we didn’t expect was the sheer beauty of this small one and one-half lane road that many travel to and from Alaska on. The views… WOW! The seclusion… yep! Awesome boondocking spots along the way too. And tons and tons of wildlife. In fact on one day of the trip we counted 10 black bears while driving! And this little road takes you to a few places that you can’t get to without it… the little town of Stewart, which provides a good resting spot for the real reason for the ride down this road… Hyder, Alaska and Salmon Glacier.

Want to see for yourself? You should you know! But until you can go and see this for yourself take a gander at what we saw in our latest video: