Our First Experience With Using Amazon Drop Box

Thanks for watching our YouTube videos on our channel and staying so connected to us as we travel through Florida during PEAK season in our Winnebago Travato 59K.

Why Did We Wait So Long To Do This?

In our latest episode we finally break down and order something we need from Amazon even though we’re miles from home. That meant having the package shipped to an Amazon “Drop Box”. Since we’d never done this before we didn’t know what to expect. All in all it was a great, somewhat efficient experience.

The package was arriving on a travel day for us, which in hind sight was not smart on our part. That meant staying in Orange City and Deland much longer than we thought we would be but we found great things to do and it turned into what is pretty much a typical day for us. We found a great Cajun restaurant. We found a bead shop so Lynn could pick up jewelry supplies because she’s decided that she misses making jewelry and it gives her something to while the video editing is taking time.

So what did we order? It was an adapter that allows us to connect our Osmo Pocket camera to a tripod and to the mount it on the dash of the Travato. It was such a good purchase we later ordered a second one so we would have to be taking it on and off the mount on the dash. We’ve also since learned that if there’s a Whole Foods (or Whole Pay Check as some call it) near you there is probably an Amazon Drop Box there too.

It’s Easy To Get A Shipment On The Road These Days

To find out if there’s one near you just check out on Amazon as usual and change your shipping address and select the option for drop box near you. It will pop up a dialog that allows you to select the closest one and have your package shipped there instead of your home. It really is pretty simple and I’m not sure why we took so long to take advantage of this great option for those of us who live on the road in an RV.

Being A Nomad Is Easier and Easier These Days

Speaking of RV, if you’re thinking of purchasing a small camper van and seeing places like Florida it is so “doable”! We love how nimble and efficient our Travato is. We take it everywhere and never worry about having enough room inside or about whether we can get into or out of any parking situation. Compared to our days of pulling a 5th Wheel it is a big relief to never worry when you’re rolling down the road. That stress has dissolved completely and for that reason alone it’s a great decision. Gas mileage and the things you get to see and experience together is a great bonus too. So, if you ask us, if you’re thinking about downsizing to a van or you’re thinking about it as your first RV, we believe it has been one of the best decisions we’ve made in our RV’ing days.

Happy Campers!

In the end our important-to-us package came and we rode off into a blue sky horizon, at least one of us saw blue skies. The other two saw clouds, clouds, clouds. It might be in how you look at the horizon as to what you see. Here’s hoping you see blue skies in your horizon and that our paths cross somewhere out there on the roads that we now call home.

Is The Travato Perfect?

Believe it or not there are a few things we’d change about our beloved Travato. We thought we could come up with a list of three of them, but as we discussed it there’s really only two that need addressing at this time.

The first one, and the only one we’ll look into making a mod while on the road is to make the platform for the passenger side bed easier to raise to keep raised so you can get things out from under the bed. The current setup might work with nothing on the bed. I’m not sure it would work with even a sleeping bag added, but it doesn’t work at all with a mattress pad and memory foam topper added. There’s just too much weight and the little piston thingy just can’t hold it up… and… it’s freaking heavy and awkward to lift it up. So, we’re going to look into ways we could improve this, with the most likely resolution being a locking chest door hinge. We could order one from Amazon and may do that but when you’re living on the road and moving around every few days you have to really know your schedule to be able to have something arrive in a city on a day you’re going to actually be there. Something comes in late and you have to hang around waiting, which throws the whole remaining schedule off. So, we might hold off on this mod until we get back to our sticks and bricks house in April.

The other mod we are seriously considering is swapping out the factory tires with K2 off-road tires. We spend a lot of time on dirt roads, sandy roads and muck. While the factory tires are quiet and get great gas mileage, they are not the best for semi-off-road situations. But, we only have 10,000 miles on them so I don’t see us making this change on this trip either, but of the two mods we’re considering this one would actually be much easier to do while traveling.

We considered adding a table that moves all around, giving us the potential for a nightstand kind of table and one that we could play games on and eat off of… but the passenger seat table when the seat is swiveled around is awesome. And the drivers side “table”, while not perfect, actually works. So, we’ll choose less stuff in the van and less clutter over the functionality an additional table would provide.

All in all, after 19 days on this trip, which will likely last 3-4 months, the van is very, very, very comfortable. Maybe it’s just that we adapt well to living together in small spaces. Maybe it’s because we are pretty good at putting things back in their spot when we finish using them. Or maybe we have the van arranged in a way that just works for us. Either way, we are more than happy about traveling around in this 59K Travato. We’ll post an update if we actually do any of these two mods, but we feel it speaks highly of the design of the Travato that we can live in it this long and not have a really long list of things to do to make it better. It’s crazy that that list is only two things and one of them is just getting a different type of tire when the time comes! Way to go Winnebago!

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