Travato Trip to NC Outer Banks – Episode 1: Myrtle Beach

With the van modifications done and everything ready, we head out to a familiar place to start our journey to the northern most point of NC’s Outer Banks. Where else for us but Myrtle Beach, SC. With family from all over the country there we decide we should start our trip early and spend some time with those we love. Not only that we were able to go to dinner and shoot a little pool with great friends we met while camping that just happened to be in the area.

We ate at 3 great restaurants while we were there. First a return visit to Nacho Hippo Mexican restaurant where the Bang Bang Shrimp tacos were out of this world good. Then it was on to what may very well be our favorite seafood restaurant, the Hook and Barrel. Not only was the seafood great but our wait staff was awesome and you’ve got to see how my mom made that young lady laugh and laugh. Then a goodbye dinner with friends at California Pizza. Whew! What a way to start a trip that has the goal of getting as much great food as you can.

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