Travato Trip to NC Outer Banks – Episode 3: Cape Hatteras and Buxton

People ask us all the time “what’s the best part about traveling in your Travato van”? Well for us it might just be the “GETTING THERE”. There’s just something amazing about driving your tiny home to campgrounds, grocery stores, malls, national parks and even on ferries. Well… and just about anywhere you’d drive your car or truck. And then you look back in the rearview mirror and there’s your home… with you entertainment system, your food, your clothes and your bathroom. It’s just a WOW moment every time we stop and think about it. As we leave our campsite in Ocracoke and drive down majestic Highway 12 the drive alone is worth the time and cost of this trip. But then we reach the end of the highway, because… we’re on an island. What now? Well, in line we go to get on the free ferry over to another island and the little community of Buxton, NC. When you board a ferry in your Travato camper van we’re betting like us you’ll appreciate just how small it is. For us it was like parking a minivan in line with other smaller vehicles. There are many other advantages to traveling with this small house on wheels but nothing makes us smile like the getting there feeling. So much so that instead of dreading leaving day while RV’ing now we actually look forward to it.

During this portion of the trip Maggie comes face to face with a huge Water Moccasin at Cape Point Campground. Luckily she escaped unharmed but man, it sure scared us to death. When you spend time out in the wilderness you’re going to see things. Things like deer walking right up to you, or hundreds of geese singing to the sunset or even a huge water moccasin snake that scared the life out of us.

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Travato Trip to NC Outer Banks – Episode 1: Myrtle Beach

There’s nothing like being able to camp right next to a beach. Add to that our first time taking our Travato on a ferry, the Travato’s first time on an island and getting to experience the land of Black Beard and the true NC Outer Banks at a time when tourists are few and far between. All those firsts and that lack of crowds made for a wonderful trip to NC’s little island village of Ocracoke.

Ferry Ride In A Winnebago Travato 59K – Even though we worried about the actual ferry ride to the island… would we fit easily, would it be difficult to park the Travato, would Captain Upchuck get sick… everything was perfect. What a beautiful way to travel to a remote island. Putting the Travato on the ferry was no more difficult than parking a mini-van. Easy!

Remoteness and Quaintness of Ocracoke Island – When you arrive at NC’s Outer Banks you realize you are in a remote area… not Alaska remote, but few places on the coast of the US are as remote as NC’s Outer Banks. You won’t find restaurant chains or national grocery stores or Walmart… but that gives it a quaint feeling that forces you to slow down and make do. It’s that making do that gives this the feel of really camping.

Camping In Travato Right Beside The Ocean – We stayed at the National Park Campground, which had no electric or water or sewer but what it did have was spectacular… it had a walk over the dunes from your campsite to a remote beach on the Atlantic Ocean. And it had a 3-mile bike ride to the cool little village of Ocracoke.

Words Can’t Possibly Tell It Though – Watch the video: